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Are Black Bottle Man and Fragment right for your school?

Please see this review of Black Bottle Man by The Saskatchewan School Library Association.

John Grainger – The Hogwarts Professor provides a wonderful analysis of Black Bottle Man.

BBM is being taught as part of Speculative Fiction for the Emerging Citizens of a Global World by the University of Minnesota’s, Dr. Marek Oziewicz.

Manitoba Library Association review in CM Magazine.

Great Plains Publications has a helpful readers & teachers guide.

“An extraordinary book. I was completely captivated. You can read it as an adult and be quite moved by a story of profound love, of commitment to family, of humility, of grace under pressure; so rich with metaphor and allegory, depth, complexity. It’s really one of those books you read as a teenager and love it, and then pick it up again thirty years later and have a completely different, equally rewarding reading experience.” — Nikki Tate, CBC All Points West

“Although this book is located in the Young Adult section, it appeals to adult readers as well. It is a gripping tale that is impossible to put down.”Off the Shelf: book suggestions from Manitoba’s South Central Regional librarians.

Black Bottle Man is a superbly-crafted fable structured in a back and forth sequence, in smooth and seamlessly connecting chapters. This structure feeds the reader the background and story of each character in tiny, tasty morsels… This is a Canadian author of great talent. Black Bottle Man is imaginative and well-written with prose that is thoughtfully constructed.” Australian book review website, Buzz Words Books.


“Oh, I  simply LOVED this book! …This is a well-researched story, that starts with a disaster in Antarctica… Buy this. Read it. Hope to God they make a movie out of it. It’s awesome.   RECOMMENDED.” – Abyss & Apex Magazine