Many thanks to Bob McDonald, host of CBC’s science radio show, Quirks and Quarks for identifying a factual error I made in Fragment.

As he said very kindly in an email about the book, I flipped the movement of the moon’s future orbit:

“Hello Craig,

Thank you for sending me a copy of Fragment, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I burned through it during a flight to Toronto and back.  Great idea of the whales making contact and the environmental benefit of expanding the global community to include other species…

On page 54 you talk about eclipses being unique to this time in the Earth’s history because of the exact apparent size of the moon and the sun. This is true.

However, you say in the future this will no longer be the case because the moon is getting closer to the Earth so it will appear larger like a quarter being covered by a half dollar.

In fact, the moon is slowly getting farther away, so in the future eclipses will be annular, where the sun becomes a ring.

Good luck with the book, it’s a great read.
Bob McDonald
Host, Quirks & Quarks”
You can imagine the palm-to-forehead smack I gave myself!
I’ll make sure any future edition has that right.